Incorporates the latest scientific discoveries about health and nutrition and addresses hormone health, gut health, energy levels and toxicity.
Over the course of 8 weeks, in a small group setting, Alli will explain, discuss and build upon the principles of the NOURISH diet.

Each weekly meeting will last for an hour and half, during which time you will be privately weighed and have your previous week’s progress assessed. There will be an information session or a food demonstration, given by Alli, the meeting will conclude with a question and answer session.

The NOURISH diet is not a one diet fits all approach, when you enrol with NOURISH we ask you to complete a comprehensive health questionnaire that helps to illuminate if there are any system imbalances that may be hindering your personal weight loss. We provide specific diet and targeted nutritional supplement advise that is relevant to you.

Weekly support

We guarantee 2 months of continued support whilst you lose weight.

Weekly monitoring
Your progress will be assessed with our state of the art equipment which measures body fat in relation to lean muscle - and not just your weight.

Weekly information sessions
Alli will focus on factors that inhibit long-term weight loss, such as balancing blood sugar, identifying latent food intolerances or imbalanced hormones and will discuss how you might overcome these issues so that your weight loss is permanent.

Personalised supplement program
Alli will recommend the appropriate nutrients and supplements to enhance diet changes and thus promote more effective weight loss.

Food demonstrations
A series of food demonstrations will show you how easy it is to prepare simple, healthy but delicious food featured in the NOURISH diet.

Guest speakers
Experts will be invited to present on topics related to weight loss and optimum health. We will introduce you to a local personal trainer who will demonstrate fitness techniques and explain how to incorporate exercise into your life. We will also invite an expert on the psychology of eating to discuss how to stay on course beyond the 8 week programme.  

Each week Alli will host a Q&A session to answer your questions.

Nutritionally balanced meal plans
To provide maximum variety Alli has devised weekly meal plans which will slowly accustom you to eating nutritiously and establish healthy eating habits for life.

The NOURISH manual
Alli will provide each participant with a manual which contains all meal plans and recipes for you to keep, including the delicious NOURISH crackers, NOURISH nut granola and NOURISH smoothies.


The NOURISH cookbook

On completion of the course each participant will receive a cookbook of over 60 additional recipes for life after NOURISH.


Cost: £395.00 for 8 week programme

Dates for next course: 
Monday 28th Jan 2019 for 8 weeks
Time: 7.00pm - 8.30pm
Venue: 8a Alwyn Avenue, London W4 4PB

Jan 8-25th - for private consultations - scheduled upon booking course
To book please e-mail: or call Alli on 07803596907