Attending a Consultation

Alli offers consultations from her home in Chiswick. She also makes visits to see clients in their own home or office.
“I like to make my consultations quite practical, focusing on how healthy foods can be incorporated easily into the diet. I want my clients to leave me feeling motivated and excited about eating more healthily.”

During your consultation Alli will ask you questions about your health, diet and lifestyle and will then work with you to formulate dietary changes. Supplements are usually recommended and lab tests sometimes advised for clarification. Two or three follow up appointments are usually required.

Nutritional Therapy aims to help individuals achieve their optimal level of health. Each one of us has different nutritional needs based on our individual make up. Nutritional therapy attempts to address these needs by supplying the body with the appropriate nutrients from a tailor-made diet and supplement programme.

Nutritional Therapy promotes:

healthy skin condition
optimal digestion and absorption
emotional balance
psychological wellbeing
healthy hormone balance
good energy levels
tolerance to a wide range of food groups
natural detoxification and elimination processes
healthy immunity
optimal thyroid function
optimal weight

Package of 3 Consultation £390.00

Initial Consultation

The first consultation takes about one hour and 15 minutes. You will receive information on what has been discussed, meal plans and shopping lists. Clients are encouraged to phone or e-mail regarding any queries arising between appointments. This support is included in the fee. Prices for supplements and lab tests are not included in the fee and will be discussed at the consultation.

Follow-up Consultations

Follow-up consultations take about an hour, during which Alli assesses the results of dietary change, supplements and any lab tests. Adjustments to the programme are made as necessary. 


Single Consultation £150.00

Travel Fee £40.00 to visit you in your office/home in London